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Many thanks to those members who have supported the choir by attending zoom rehearsals and the handful of live rehearsals that we were able to enjoy. Special thanks to our wonderful Artistic Director, Chris Allan, for his perseverance and encouragement. Also many thanks to the choir management committee for keeping the choir viable and continuing to plan for the future.

A special message from our Conductor / Musical Director – re Messiah.

Dear Choir
I can’t thank you enough for a great concert on Saturday – a sincere well done!!! Such a good place to sing in and the shape of the panelling behind you really brings out the quality of the sound.  I’ve had lots and lots of compliments about how well you sounded, how you brought the emotional content and the beauty of the sound out so well.  Nicole (alto) commented a number of times on how good the sound was and that you sounded ’so fresh’.  Well done to you all.  We had a slightly over-excited beginning to ‘Worthy’ but I put that down to the general excitement of the afternoon and that it had been a very long day.  That you were able to pick it up and raise the audience to their feet at the end of the ‘Amen’ is testament to your ability.
The orchestra was good, the soloists were good and I was pleased that I could get you to stand for a choir ‘bow’ at the end.  The audience response to that was clear – they loved you!

 Have a great Easter break and a rest and I’ll see you in May.

Unfortunately, we did not get the chance to say our usual post-performance thank you. So you are invited to join us for a celebratory dinner at the Cricketers Arms on Thursday 21 April at 7.00 p.m. Please use this Trybooking link to book your spot: Bookings close on Wednesday 20 April at 6.00 p.m. There will be a committee meeting at 5.30 to which you are welcome, as always. 

Next Rehearsal
Rehearsals resume on Monday 9 May (hopefully) in the Great Hall.

Have a happy Easter

On September 4th, we will perform the wonderful A German Requiem by Johannes Brahms at Christ Church Cathedral.

Learning tracks for the Brahms (German Requiem) are on the web at  and
For your part in German, here is Chordperfect’s page link
And yet another link to a woman reading out the whole of Brahms’ Requiem in German very slowly.

COVID rules apply. Do not attend if you have symptoms. Please arrive early. You will need to check-in using the QR code and follow the venue’s COVID-19 policy at all times. You must follow the directions of our Covid Marshal.

Complete Brahms Requiem Score (click to download)

To sing in the choir everyone has to be a member. This also ensures that everyone is covered by insurance.

Link to Membership payment.

Link to Enrolment Form and Information

Using Practice Discs:
There is a media player you can download for free for both MAC and PC which enables you to slow down the playback speed. This is the link: (Mac install is down towards the bottom of the screen)
Once installed you go to the tab “Playback” and select “Speed”. This makes navigating those difficult passages a little easier. To get more HELP on getting started.

Supper Nights:
When we can be in the Great Hall we are able to have supper nights with food provided by various sections of the Choir. These are ‘get to know each other’ opportunities, so please mingle.

Rehearsals are generally on a Monday evening from 7 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. in the Great Hall, Science Theatre STHG01, or as instructed if neither is available.

Maps for rehearsal and performance venues:
Callaghan Campus
The Conservatorium – Newcastle
Christchurch Cathedral

Rehearsal Aids:
There are usually lots of sites where you can get practice help.
One website is
Sometimes you can purchase Licensed copies of rehearsal CDs.

Newsletters are for the choir members and have feedback and information about our progress, alternate rehearsal venues/times, and other interesting items about choir members. These are delivered via email.

New pricing scheme from 2020

We encourage you to pay your membership fees before the 3rd Feb to avoid long queues and to save time on the first night of term.
To remind you, the fee structure for 2020 is as follows:
Fees per Term – $55 ($25 for full-time students)
If you pay your fees for the whole year in advance you will receive one term free. The cost for this is $110 ($50 for students). 
Fees are due for payment by week 4.
Our preferred method of payment is Trybooking which has now been set up.
Please go to Fees and follow the prompts.
You may also pay by direct debit to:
Newcastle University Choir
BSB: 032-507 Acc:  104622
Of course, we will be taking enrolments on the first night of choir for those who are unable to pay by either of these methods. We only accept credit cards or online through Trybooking (as above), we can no longer take cash payments.