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Practice tracks for you to practise with. (see below)
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To sing in the choir everyone has to be a member. This also ensures that everyone is covered by insurance.

The Great Hall (our normal rehearsal venue) will not be available for the 1st term. The Science Theatre will be our venue for 2023 for 1st term rehearsals. (See MAP here)

Our revised Covid policy is also attached for your information. It has been revised in line with the current response to Covid in the community.

Membership fees are now open for 2023 and are due Week 4 of Term 1 which is 6/3/23.

The fees are $55 per term or, if you enroll for the whole year (3 terms) before the due date in March, you will only have to pay $110

For full-time students, the amounts are $25 per term or $50 for the year if paid upfront.

You can pay fees in one of three ways:

  1. Direct transfer into our bank account or in person. WESTPAC BSB: 032507 Account No. 104622. Please ensure your name is included in the description.
  2. Via Trybooking using this link
  3. If you want to pay by cash please make your deposit into a Westpac branch using the account details listed above. Please ensure you ask the bank to put your name in the reference and/or contact the choir’s Treasurer via to confirm the deposit.

Please note, that membership payments will not be taken at rehearsals

2023 Link to Membership payment via Trybooking

Link to Enrolment Form and Covid-19 Information
Membership Form
Covid-19 Policy Document

Midi files for Howard Goodall Requiem Practice Tracks
Midi file players – choose your system

Requiem tracks as mp3 files

Sop1 = Sop2 == Alto1 = Alto2 == Tenor1 = Tenor2 == Bass1 == Bass2
Kyrie S1 and S2 ******* A1 and A2 ********** T1 and T2 ********** B1 and B2
FactumS1 and S2 ******* A1 and A2 ********** T1 and T2 ********** B1 and B2
BeliefS1 and S2 ******* A1 **** A2 *********** T1 **** T2 ********** B1 **** B2
LeadS1 and S2 ******* A1 and A2 ********** T1 and T2 ********** B1 and B2
My GraveS1 and S2 ******* A1 and A2 ********** T1 and T2 ********** B1 and B2
Flanders ******************** A1 and A2 ********** T1 **** T2 ********** B1 **** B2
TearsS1 and S2 ******* A1 and A2 ********** T1 and T2 ********** B1 and B2
Tum angelusS1 and S2 ******* A1 and A2 ********** T1 and T2 ********** B1 and B2
Agnus DeiS1 and S2 ******* A1 and A2 ********** T1 and T2 ********** B1 and B2
Lux aeternaS1 **** S2 ******* A1 **** A2 *********** T1 **** T2 ********** B1 **** B2
Select your part and verse

Other learning tracks from

These are mp3’s
Who Shall Have My Lady Fair –Pearsall all parts
Baseline only

The Long Day Closes – Sullivan
The Long Day Closes – Baseline only

The Blue Bird – Stanford all parts
BaseLine only

They are in the Partworks and Madrigals section of the above.

Full Fathom Five all voices
BaseLine only:

Music, All Powerful all voices
Baseline only

Shenadoah (from Youtube video – the same version we are using).

Using Practice Discs:
There is a media player you can download for free for both MAC and PC which enables you to slow down the playback speed. This is the link: (Mac install is down towards the bottom of the screen)
Once installed you go to the tab “Playback” and select “Speed”. This makes navigating those difficult passages a little easier. To get more HELP on getting started.

Supper Nights:
When we can be in the Great Hall we are able to have supper nights with food provided by various sections of the Choir. These are ‘get to know each other’ opportunities, so please mingle.

Rehearsals are generally on a Monday evening from 7 p.m. until 9:30 p.m. in the Great Hall, Science Theatre STHG01, or as instructed if neither is available.

Maps for rehearsal and performance venues:
Callaghan Campus
The Conservatorium – Newcastle
Christchurch Cathedral

Rehearsal Aids:
There are usually lots of sites where you can get practice help.
One website is
Sometimes you can purchase Licensed copies of rehearsal CDs.

Newsletters are for the choir members and have feedback and information about our progress, alternate rehearsal venues/times, and other interesting items about choir members. These are delivered via email.


To remind you, the fee structure for 2023 is as follows:
Fees per Term – $55 ($25 for full-time students)
If you pay your fees for the whole year in advance you will receive one term free. The cost for this is $110 ($50 for students). 
Fees are due for payment by week 4.
Our preferred method of payment is Trybooking which has now been set up.
Please go to Fees and follow the prompts.
You may also pay by direct debit to:
Newcastle University Choir
Westpac Bank
BSB: 032-507 Acc:  104622
Of course, we will be taking enrolments on the first night of choir for those who are unable to pay by either of these methods. We only accept credit cards or online through Trybooking (as above), we can no longer take cash payments.